Meet our Mash Tun, George Bailey

When you think of George Bailey, lead character in the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, what words come to mind? Dependable? Yep. Hard working? Certainly. Virtuous? Darn tootin’. Well, our George Bailey (the mash tun) shares those same characteristics in spades. George has his hand in every product we make at Chuckanut Bay Distillery. With a 150 gallon capacity and constructed from sturdy food grade stainless steel, George has seen his share of substrate – locally grown Yukon gold potatoes, Washington wheat, ground corn, malted barley – you name it. George treats them all the same, slowly and methodically reducing them to a warm soup that can then be transferred into one of our fermenters. If you could climb a ladder and peer down inside George, you’d see a revolving mixing paddle that serves to keep things moving inside at a steady clip. You’ll notice in the picture that George has a bit of dried potato on his exterior. Sure, we could have taken a picture of him when he was all shined up, but we wanted you to see George in his natural state - at work and not afraid to get his hands dirty. Sure there are sexier mash tuns out there, the proverbial Clark Gables of the distilling world, but we’ll take old mossback George every time. Hee haw.