First Submission to the 12 Days of Krampus Contest from Shu From Bellingham!

First submission to the 12 days of Krampus contest from Shu from Bellingham! "This is a hard cider sangria. I used Seattle Cider's dry cider. Infused a whole bottle of brandy with sliced apples, cinnamon, oranges, and lemon. I mixed that together with a whole bottle of Krampus, lemon juice, and an ounce pumpkin pie spice dram. I made two and a half gallons of sangria for a party before Thanksgiving. The anise notes of the Krampus gave it some flair while the hazelnut actually mellowed and blended all of the flavor a together. Plus it's 110 proof so it got the party started @chuckanutbaydistillery.